与in terms of相似词语

in terms of

in terms of的意思、解释

in terms of 基本解释

根据; 用…的话; 就…而言; 以…为单位

in terms of 网络解释


1. 根据:性(Compatibility) 要求客体的安全等级支配(dominate)其父目录的安全等级.在Multics系统中BLP状态集的组成(component)根据(in terms of)进程和数据段的安全等级以及存放在SDW中的指示符的信息描述BLP的安全特性.受段的等级支配 ,

2. 依据,按照;用......措词:in tears / / 流着泪 | in terms of / / 依据,按照;用...措词 | in the air / / 在流行中,在传播中

3. 根据;以...的措词:in tears 流着泪;含泪哭 | in terms of 根据;以...的措词 | in that 既然;因为

4. 在......方面:in truth实际上 | in terms of在...方面 | instead of代替,而不是

in terms of 双语例句

1. In view of our long-term business, we would like to accept D/P payment terms.


2. St. Sofia's Cathedral in a special plane to cross the Greek-style, in terms of space, then create a giant dome, but not in the indoor pole used to support.


3. This article attempts to humanity from the border town, geographical environment, and the people left behind in terms vulgar show the world the beauty of western Hunan and its relatively backward economy and culture.


4. If we seek to understand American foreign policy in terms of a rational engagement with international problems, or even as an effective means of projecting power, we are looking in the wrong place.


5. in terms of的意思

5. Second, Africans are not seen tobe proactive in setting their own priorities and terms of engagement.


6. In spite of the extraordinary progress made in science and technology, problems rema in in terms of guaranteeing that achievements benefit the greatest number of people.



7. In circumstances 1 and 4, there is no choice in terms of scheduling.


8. A new explanation for these observations is provided in terms of the hydro philic-lipophilic character of the admixtured surfactant other than LH.


9. Though eguti no yuzyo hakuzyo wo uranamite syutama wo sizumuru in the Japanese sigesige ya wa is based on this story, it is quite different from the former version, in terms of the themes. Thus there is a big difference in the characters of the prostitutes.



10. A large part of a person's memory is in terms of combinations of words and pictures.


11. The United States paid Canada around US$50 million [341 million yuan] as the commuted value of flood moderation, though in today's terms that would be more like US$500 million [3.4 billion yuan] or US$1 billion [6.8 billion yuan].



12. In terms of the generating freedom-degree of the tooth surface, the sloping angle of the contact path is enlarged.



13. Instead of looking at the process in exclusive political-economic terms and from the urban standpoint, this course seeks to study interactively the rural and the global/modern interface, and inclusively in the terms of cultural development, focusing on the areas of concepts, histories, and theoretical perspectives concerning the emergence of peasantry and village, modernization and capitalization of agriculture, representations of trans-national or peasant workers (as inter-cultural intermediaries), residue of rural and communal culture from within the urban and global settings and its cleavage.



14. In terms of nutritional value, the report says fruits like crisser carissa, mariler marula and kay kei apple contain more vitamin C than the average orange.


15. In terms of form factor, it is preferable to be small but yet hope to have a bigger screen for viewing.


16. Then in terms of software, we have the development costs are fixed, and if more customers, prices can drop.


17. in terms of在线翻译

17. The endowment funds would be held in trust, and the terms of the trust would include an obligation to pay the costs of studentd from poor backgrounds, in just the same way that scholarship funds have done for centuries.


18. Economic responsibility audit in terms of office has happened and developed with the country political and economic reform.


19. In terms of overall influence on world affairs, 43 percent opted for Chinese and 38 percent for American.


20. in terms of

20. The natural meat flavor essence has digested and concentrated the water miscible material in the meat, containing many kinds of amino acid, peptide, nucleic acid, carbohydrate and inorganic salts, etc., the ones that have maximumly kept the products naturally. The material series of flavor made by spray drying, microencapulation technology is fully embodying various kinds of meat flavor characteristics, the fragrance is pure, flavor is strong, quality is steady, and has solved many technological problems of the traditional essence, such as: not able to bear the high temperature, wear fragrant time short, keeping time short, stores terms expecting much, meat fragrant smell is unnatural and not strong, and to improving product quality, reduce the production cost, raise the market competitiveness played important function.


in terms of 单语例句

1. But they also noted that more is needed to be done in terms of business promotion to guarantee an early recovery.

2. Both Wang and Xiao Nan Guo started to grow in terms of business operations and market competition skills.

3. The sources pointed out that private business has witnessed vigorous growth in recent years, especially in terms of export volume.

4. He said Ping An's purchase of a stake in Fortis is a good deal in terms of business structure and price.

5. Shih might get it right in terms of direction, but his two prescriptions have taken the writer by surprise.

6. The attendance at this annual gathering set new records for both in terms of the number of guests and their caliber.

7. He called this year's Berlin Film Festival a great successful one both in terms of its unprecedented number of visitors and big market expansion.

8. But a society measured in terms of money alone cannot be one of equal success, and it's something no nation or community can afford to have.

9. Property companies have become stronger in terms of capital in the past decade and have weaker demand for foreign capital.

10. In terms of capital, it is backed up by both supply and demand.